#Tourism Setup

dBuilder #Tourism - Setup

Getting Started: Builder installation is a straightforward process taking only a few hours.  This is undertaken either on-site or remotely depending on the Builder package purchased.

Microsoft Office 2007 or later must be installed and fully updated before the Builder can be uploaded.

The initial Builder process begins with the population of your Microsoft Excel driven service database.  This will typically take the better part of two months depending on the number of services therein and the detail required.  A number of reviews involving Senior Consultants and Management will ensure that your database is structured to suit your specific needs.

Consultant training commences once the service database is close to completion.  This increases the speed at which "Builder know-how" is acquired as Consultants are trained with database services that are familiar.  Staff are not faced with the added complication of unfamiliar, carefully selected products and services used for training purposes only.  This ensures that the transition from training to live usage is practically seamless.


We offer four standard training courses:

  • Database Administration (Eight Sessions)
  • Consultant Training (Four Sessions)
  • Accounts Training and Integration (Two Sessions)
  • Management and Supervisor Training (Two Sessions)

Initial training sessions are held either at your offices or ours.  Remote training sessions are also available on request.  Please contact us for our training schedule for monthly training course dates.

Refresher courses can be arranged on an ad hoc basis provided that they fit in with our existing training schedule.

The cost of training is included in the Once-Off Joining Fee and restricted to the number of seats that are purchased.  Addtional costs will be incurred for new staff when additional seats are not purchased.

Did you know?

Administration Software

Analysis and Reports

It is widely recognised that Excel is "the" data viewing and analysis tool to use. Most stand-alone software products merely offer an Export to Excel feature resulting in a nominal "data dump". Information must then be sorted and restructured before any analysis can begin. dBuilder data is already sorted and stored in the correct format. Our own analysis tools produce reports in graphical format for immediate interpretation giving you more time to evaluate and make informed managerial decisions.

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