#Tourism ERP Features

dBuilder #Tourism 123

  • Installation
    • Download.
    • Installation Interface.
    • No additional add-ins.
    • Automated system updating.
  • Cloud
    • 100% off-line remote option.
    • Ad-hoc/intermittent connectivity only required.
  • Company Settings
    • Customiseable.
    • Cost Centres
      • External accouting software intergration.
      • Multiple bank accounts linked.
      • Multiple currencies linked.
    • Centralised Purchasing.
    • Workbook, Worksheet and user protection.
    • Quote validity per customer.
    • Password management.
    • Multiple sub-companies.
    • User rigths and access control.
  • Service Database
    • Service and rate Importing.
    • Rate sheets under development invisible to community.
    • Contact blocking.
    • Contact overview.
    • Service relocation to any sheet.
    • Consultant service search.
    • Four external document types per service.
    • Multiple languages.
    • Custom sheets.
  • Project Build
    • Centralised Overview logging pre Build creation.
    • All information inside Build.
    • Contact detail modification with right constraints.
    • ROE manipulation with right constraints.
    • Pax and Room costing.
    • Purchasing currency viewing.
    • Project overview.
    • Supplier commission per service.
    • Contract value and ROE locking.
    • Last quote, invoice and document date tracking.
    • Project file name definition.
  • Output Documents
    • Standardised layout and format.
    • Multpile documents.
    • Multiple customers.
    • Company colours.
    • Contact logos.
    • PDF output.
    • HTML output (under development).
    • Document customisation.
    • Terms and conditions per document type and per cost centre.
    • Reporting
      • Structured history.
      • Created during refresh cycle.
      • Ms. Excel Filtering.
      • Forecasting
        • Service deliverables.
        • Cash Flow.
  • General
    • Ms. Excel Ribbon interface for all menus and functions.
    • Secure ribbon click system-support.
    • On-line help
    • Modular design for MySQL and Andriod interface.
    • Memory optimised.
    • Speed optimised.
    • Fewer clicks, less scrolling.
    • Maximised double clicking
Did you know?

Administration Software

Combining Services

Groups of individual services can be combined to display one total to your clients. Quotes can be customised to present the collective services as a single line item and total. Alternatively the individual services details can be shown while retaining one combined total. This feature is commonly used for day tours with an assortment of services.

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-> Français

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