Back Office ERP Application

dBuilder#Ops - Product Administration

This application has been developed to manage the administration of companies.

The range varies from service companies who requiring support in document management such as quotations and invoices to companies who create and assemble products where a bill-of-materials is key.

Markup and yield based profit.

Bill of Materials and technical drawing control to Invoice, purchase orders and requisitions, reversals, taxation, reconciliation and core account integration. Income and expense reporting.

Discount, loyalty, agent and supplier commission.  Customiseable rate periods.  Negotiated and once-off rates and services.  Rate manuals.

Secure, managed service by service control of independent buying, selling and commission currencies and rates of exchange.

Suits single user companies or a multi-discipliary, corporate workforce.

User flexibility through a central Ms. Excel database ensures the creation, automation, administration and  managment of consistent working processes and practices.

Integration with independent software products such as Softline Pastel, Axapta and Quickbooks accounting packages.

Remote Office for travelling, at-home and satellite offices.

Off-line tour program functionality with auto syncing when web-connected.

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