#Ops ERP Features

dBuilder Back Office 123

  • Installation
    • Download.
    • Installation Interface.
    • No additional add-ins.
    • Automated system updating.
  • Cloud
    • 100% off-line remote option.
    • Ad-hoc/intermittent connectivity only required.
  • Company Settings
    • Customiseable.
    • Cost Centres
      • External accouting software intergration.
      • Multiple bank accounts linked.
      • Multiple currencies linked.
    • Centralised Purchasing.
    • Workbook, Worksheet and user protection.
    • Quote validity per customer.
    • Password management.
    • Multiple sub-companies.
    • User rigths and access control.
  • Service Database
    • Service and rate Importing.
    • Rate sheets under development invisible to community.
    • Contact blocking.
    • Contact overview.
    • Service relocation to any sheet.
    • Consultant service search.
    • Four external document types per service.
    • Multiple languages.
    • Custom sheets.
  • Project Build
    • Centralised Overview logging pre Build creation.
    • All information inside Build.
    • Contact detail modification with right constraints.
    • ROE manipulation with right constraints.
    • Bill of Materials.
    • Purchasing currency viewing.
    • Project overview.
    • Supplier commission per service.
    • Contract value and ROE locking.
    • Last quote, invoice and document date tracking.
    • Project file name definition.
  • Output Documents
    • Standardised layout and format.
    • Multpile documents.
    • Multiple customers.
    • Company colours.
    • Contact logos.
    • PDF output.
    • HTML output (under development).
    • Document customisation.
    • Terms and conditions per document type and per cost centre.
    • Reporting
      • Structured history.
      • Created during refresh cycle.
      • Ms. Excel Filtering.
      • Forecasting
        • Service deliverables.
        • Cash Flow.
  • General
    • Ms. Excel Ribbon interface for all menus and functions.
    • Secure ribbon click system-support.
    • On-line help
    • Modular design for MySQL and Andriod interface.
    • Memory optimised.
    • Speed optimised.
    • Fewer clicks, less scrolling.
    • Maximised double clicking
Did you know?

Administration Software

Document Customisation

The dBuilder provides you with freedom of choice in a variety of user friendly options. Our output documentation can be customized according to how you would like to present information to each individual client. A series of simple tick boxes enables you to create a range of documents tailor made for each client.

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-> Français

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