#Ops Output Customisation

dBuilder#Ops - External Record Customisation

Output documentation can be customized and personalised to suit your image.

Document Customisation
The dBuilder provides you with freedom of choice in a variety of user friendly options.  Our output documentation can be customized according to how you would like to present information to each individual client.  A series of simple tick boxes enables you to create a range of documents tailor made for each client.

Picture Quotes
Our picture quote feature adds that all important "wow" factor to traditional quote sheets.  Your pictures are automatically inserted either randomly or by individual selection as required.  You are also able to specify the number of pictures you wish to be displayed on each quote.

Word Itinerary Directories
Builder autonomy transforms the lengthy process of creating different detailed Word itinerary descriptions for specific client and agent types.  A once off set up allows consultants to select from your range of pre-created service description templates.  Itineraries containing the consultants choice of preferred details are then created in the click of a button.

Agent Manuals
Presenting supplier information and rates to your agents each year in a professional format is a time consuming and expensive exercise.  Through the dBuilder the creation of agent rates manuals is inexpensive and as easy as 1, 2, 3.  From your Supplier Database a few simple clicks will produce customized manuals in a professional and elegant printable format.

Customised Font & Colour
The dBuilder offers you a wide range of user friendly customization.  In further recognition of our clients individuality, all dBuilder output documentation can be personalized to coordinate with your companys corporate identity.  Should your preference of font style and colour scheme change, your dBuilder documentation can quickly and easily change with you.

Your Company, Your Standard
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Administration Software

Analysis and Reports

It is widely recognised that Excel is "the" data viewing and analysis tool to use. Most stand-alone software products merely offer an Export to Excel feature resulting in a nominal "data dump". Information must then be sorted and restructured before any analysis can begin. dBuilder data is already sorted and stored in the correct format. Our own analysis tools produce reports in graphical format for immediate interpretation giving you more time to evaluate and make informed managerial decisions.

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