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dBuilder#Tourism - Layout

  • The dBuilder is designed to run from within Microsoft Office to give you as much freedom and flexibility as possible from within the familiar Office environment.
  • +90% of your interaction with the Builder will be from within Microsoft Excel.
  • Microsoft Word is used to create Itineraries.
  • Microsoft Outlook is used to e-mail suppliers and to control bookings.
  • You will need operating system (e.g. Windows 7) commands such as folder navigation and search commands from time to time.
Did you know?

Administration Software

Word Itinerary Directories

Builder autonomy transforms the lengthy process of creating different detailed Word itinerary descriptions for specific client and agent types. A once off set up allows consultants to select from your range of pre-created service description templates. Itineraries containing the consultants choice of preferred details are then created in the click of a button.

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